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Access To Pan India

We started operations in Rural India,hence can give your organization access across India.




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RuralShores Skills Academy – Empowering Youth

RuralShores Skills Academy Pvt Ltd (RSA), a subsidiary of RuralShores Business Services Pvt Ltd, is a training organization launched in early 2013. We are fully committed to mainstreaming the rural youth into the knowledge economy by introducing a better skill training mechanism. With this thought in mind, we have laid emphasis on integration of proper skill development and education in all our training initiatives. Our training programs are based on deep understanding of the issues and challenges faced while training the rural youth.

                 RuralShores Skills Academy is a funded partner of        National Skills Development Corporation (NSDC).

Our Priority Your Training

Experienced professionals from diverse industries came together to take on the harder task of creating jobs for the rural youth.

RuralShores Skills Academy Pvt. Ltd. (RSA) is a wholly owned subsidiary of RuralShores Business. RuralShores Business takes the jobs to people rather than getting people to the jobs.

RuralShores Skill Academy is also a funded partner of National skills Development Corporation (NSDC) .

RuralShores Impact Area

Focus on Youth
  • Educated rural and semi-urban youth
  • Youth with special abilities or needs (deaf, physical)
  • Girl Child (rural, rescued)
Training Domains
  • English communication
  •  personality development and professional skills
  • Service Industry domain skills and soft-skills (eg.Domestic BPOs, Telecom, Field Retail Sales, Retail Stores, FMCG, Finance)
  • Marketing and Sales skills
Managing Services with Employment
  • Youth selected as per customer needs
  • Youth taken on are trained and managed by RSA
  • We provide feet on street services in the rural areas and towns
Overall Value Add
  • Practical implementation of Marketing and Sales staff as part of the training process
  • Use of technology for training, assessment, and certification in Service Sector Skills (SSC)
  • Field coverage in Rural and Urban areas
GetSet partnership

Most training organizations have challenges and difficulties in delivery of skills and training.  In the current scenario, the challenges have only increased.  Training organizations should focus on their core areas and work with RuralShoresGetSet approach to improve the overall training delivery quality for the students! Joining hands with RSA will enable you to fill and strengthen the areas that you are not able to focus on and they stay weak and hurt the business.  It could be with Courseware development, Training of trainers, Assessments, or even final Industry check and certification. RSA will also assist in accelerating the movement towards your goals.

Feet on Street

RSA has a wide-ranging feet-on-the street operations that can be configured with the organizations that are looking the expanding their services and products to all across India. Joining hands with RSA will enable you to cover the current gaps with reach, quality of the feet on street, and even monitoring the people on the ground.  RSA has developed a deep and wide access to potential people, can further develop the training to enable the right skills in the person, who then moves around as required.

Online Training

Online trainings have been present in the world since a long time. In the present times, they have become much more significant. Unfortunately, the people who need it the most are least aware of it.   The significance comes from the fact that peoples’ lives are busier than ever before and online training makes it flexible to your time and availability.  Of course, training might not suit your method and needs directly or could be too extensive. RSA has added human touch to the online training to ensure it stays real and specific to you.  The human touch encourages you, listens to your problems, guides you and also challenges you to participate. Essentially, the human touch in a teacher and a mentor in the area that you select.

Be With Us

Trusted by the Rural Youth of India. Get in touch with RuralShores today!

WE Provide courses to improve your skills and approach for jobs

Steps to enroll in our course.

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Why RuralShores

Our Reach – Pan India

Spread across India with specific reach and approach for enrolling, training and placement for the youth.

Life Skills Development

Priority on life skills such as critical and creative thinking, decision-making, effective communication, as well as skills for developing healthy relationships and a positive self-concept

What You Get

Best programs for your skill and education