BPO Industry

Skills Training and Development of Rural Workforce for BPO


RuralShores Business the parent company of RSA, began setting up the social cause of opening BPOs in villages across India. During the process, RSA was born with a clear view of training the youth in the villages to be trained and able to work in the BPO, equal to the operations that were happening from cities. In fact, the language was more focused for the regions they were operating in they only needed training on the basic functionalities of using computers and working in an organized Industry, specifically service Industry.

RuralShores Skills Academy, NSDC funded partner, ensured that the talented youth from rural India were trained and well prepared for BPOs being setup in rural spots. The need of the hour has been to strengthen the confidence and communication capability of such candidates to read and type in English while speaking in local language. They are also provided with adequate domain training to turn up productive for the respective Telecom BPO and Retail companies with the passage of time.


RuralShores Skills Academy has created training avenues and job access to rural youth (13 Centers in 8 States) in rural India. It has proven that rural youth are equal to their urban counterparts.  The quality of work done in the BPOs not only matches the work done in cities but for many of the processes they do an incomparable work in the rural centers.  RSA worked with RuralShores BPO and trained over 25,000 people in a span of 7 years. About 20,000 youth of the trained workforce got employment in the rural BPO.