Frequently Asked Questions / Students FAQ

1. Why are the fees so high for an online program?
  • The program has much detail and interaction. There is human touch in the program and monitored very closely by teachers. It is not like other online programs which are using only technology for the monitoring and till you reach out – there is no one really focusing on your learning. In our program, there is a pro-active touch for the student from the teachers. The teachers who interact with the students on this program are experienced and proficient in what they teach.
  • What we are teaching in this course is unique – it is something that doesn’t require you to travel but still connects you with learning with teachers and other people who are sharing their learning. Also, the focus is on bringing out the right attitude to be made stronger in us while we are learning and practicing the skills that we need for any job.
2. I do not have a smartphone or a computer – what should I do?
  • Please see if you can borrow a phone for one hour at least for everyday from your parents or close relatives living nearby. Or you can purchase one – these days the smartphones are relatively less expensive and the program can work with Android very well. The phone will be yours for use.
  • The other option you can explore is using a café that has computers on hire nearby and use one for at least one hour every day. You can negotiate with the shop for use regularly for the next 4 months.
  • We can assist in a loan for purchase of smartphone or laptop also if you want. That loan you will have to handle with the finance institution that provides it.
3. What we need is something that can promise us a job. What would you say about a job – will you provide a job?
  • This job prepares the skills and attitude one needs to pass any interview. We will also be facilitating job interviews towards the closure of the program. Depending on the location and the job required – we can organize appropriate job interviews.
4. I have done a course in English learning already so I know English – can I join only the second phase of the program? Will it be shorter?
  • Great! We are happy that you have learned English and are confident of speaking in English. This program has a test that checks how much of English do you really know. There is no cost for that test. You can easily attempt it and then we will give you a level of where your English right now is. We find that you have learned English, grammar and vocabulary etc but you still need to overcome your shyness, your fear of talking in English in front of people. Our course has different options of learning at the level at which you are. Level 1 starts with basic vocabulary and simple sentences whereas the level 3 has different words and longer and complex sentences. So, it will be good to at least take the test and see your level.
  • If you find that the test has rated you at the highest level, then you can still do the second phase without covering English – you can start with phase 2 given that you can understand and speak in English. The duration remains 4 months. That much time is needed for the components of phase 2
5. I saw other sites and they have similar courses and they are also cheaper. Why should I take your course?
  • Yes, there are many sites that offer online courses at lower costs. If you are proactive and know that you will spend time on them and you have someone close to you in home or college or friend who is willing to drive you to learn from that course – surely, please take it.
  • Key challenges are, these courses do not provide live one-on-one interactions in the cost that they put up. Also, they don’t have interactive tests that are checking your growth as you learn. They mostly have content, videos and reading and writing assignments but there is rarely anyone checking on how you are doing, what challenges you are facing in learning and what other support you might need.
6. If I pay and then after a while, I find that I am not learning or I don’t find the course useful, can I take my money back?
  • We deeply appreciate the fact that you are examining joining the course. Only thing is that whether it is one day or full course, we would have already made our expenditure in terms of paying the collaborating party and also booked the teachers. Those aspects we cannot get monies back hence we will not be able to return any monies to you.
  • Also, the course design and delivery is based on how you interact – it is unique for each person while most of the content is similar, the teacher interactions are specific to each person. So the possibility that you will not find it useful is a rarity.
7. How do we know that you are a genuine company offering this course? How do we know that you will not run away after we register?
  • We have been in existence since 2012. We have two offices – one in Bangalore and one in Delhi-NCR. We also have trainers and mentors across India.
  • NSDC Partner – we are funded partner of NSDC since 2013. We are also in their green list of training companies.
  • We have collaborating partners whose content and technical support we use in this program. They are growing and doing well at this time.

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