Mentor Role for Grooming Youth in India

We have launched a unique program that is focused on activating the sleeping capabilities in youth. We believe that everyone has some unique point in their self that when encouraged and supported will grow.  We have made a program that has multiple and varied elements that touch the youth to develop the essential knowledge, skills and attitude to be able to take on challenges of the world.

The role that we perceive of a mentor is to engage with the youth on a regular basis to

(a) give them comfort that they are on the right track,

(b) to guide them to recognize what is changing in them,

(c) bring clear discipline with their own selves to ensure they change bad habits to good ones.

There are two levels of engagements for the mentor we select. We will select a passionate person with sufficient knowledge and great skills towards interactions and evaluation of students.

The first part is the role is to have regular one on one connect with the students with clear evaluation and direction.

The second mode is managing group discussions of a set of students periodically.  These are where the mentor ensures that the discussion leads to learning for all the participants in the change directions marked for each of them in the previous sessions.

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Why RuralShores

Our Reach – Pan India

Spread across India with specific reach and approach for enrolling, training and placement for the youth.

Life Skills Development

Priority on life skills such as critical and creative thinking, decision-making, effective communication, as well as skills for developing healthy relationships and a positive self-concept

What You Get

Best programes for your skill and education