Student Experience

Here we can see all the experiences shared by the students

It’s been 1 year now since I use the englishbolo app, which I was able to apply the result and the knowledge during my job in a large Insurance Company. I had no trouble understanding what was said to me and I managed to get by in everyday life. I am feeling too much confident in English now.
Aamrapali Kathane
Since I started my college life, I had never ever tried learning the language again. But now I’m working in the insurance industry and RSA English program helps me to start learning English in very easiest way. Earlier It was very hard for me to start learning the vocabulary and lots of the words wouldn’t stay in my brain. But I am feeling too much confident in English now after use RSA English app.
Jyoti Kamde
After 4 years of job in BPO, I had trouble communicating in English because I knew very few words. On the other hand, I think I mastered the rules of grammar and conjugation. Being limited in communication when I was dealing with the customer over the calls, I decided to start learning English, especially vocabulary. I tried some applications on my phone but few were motivating. Then I discovered RSA English program. It’s been a year now since I’ve used the application once or twice a day and it is giving me such a great result in English speaking.
Vishal Dubey
I want to say Thank you again for all the work and learnings which I got from RSA English program really you are doing great inputs in my life. In my opinion, this is the best app in the INDIA! I am an advisor in a large Insurance company and one day I would like to apply the same method for converting the HNI clients in insurance selling.
Shekhar Banait