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Our History

RuralShores Business Services Pvt Ltd (RuralShores / RSBS) is a social enterprise, pioneering the next major innovation in the Corporate Operating Model. It was established in 2008 with the basic intent of taking the jobs to the people rather than getting people to the jobs. Experienced professionals from diverse industries have come together to take on the necessary though harder task of creating jobs for the rural youth in villages beyond the farming sector. Rural BPOs set up by RuralShores provides underprivileged youth of rural India with sustainable employment opportunity in their own villages and without migrating to cities.

Acknowledging the deficiency of basic facilities and amenities in villages, which has insulated the rural community from basic Computer education, English communication, and Behavioural education, RuralShoresdesigned Skills Development Solutions to train the young talent of rural India. This solution is delivered through its subsidiary RuralShores Skills Academy Pvt Ltd (RSA) which came into existence in 2013. RSA develops and trains rural youth and makes them industry ready. Training forms the corner-stone in ensuring consistent value delivery to both learners and corporates. Apart from technical and domain skills training, preparing youth with life skills is vital for them to get connected in today’s corporate world.

RSA has tuned and grown the method of engaging with corporates, who have the required jobs that engage youth in a productive manner, to ensure the rural youth are trained appropriately and brought in to employment by these corporates either directly or through RSA.

Partnering with Corporates, Non-Governmental Organizations and Foundations

Through our unique training methodology, we focus on ensuring that the learners get to know the ‘why’ of the need for training for them, and that they get encouraged to enhance their skills bit by bit. We develop youth into capable individuals who can be gainfully employed and thereby earn the livelihood for themselves.

RuralShores Skills Academy (RSA) works with Corporates looking at expanding their services on the field – in cities, towns and rural areas. In these services, RSA participates in sourcing, training and aligning the youth to the work.  For Foundations, RSA provides services of training and managing the youth in different service sectors and then ensuring their placements in the right places. In addition to this, RSAdevelops customized training, conducts need-based training and the skill assessments of the trainees for NGOs, Foundations and other institutions. We create training materials for learners and the trainers to fulfil those needs.