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Welcome to Life Transformation Program

RuralShores Skills Academy (RSA) has evolved a program that empowers you to leverage what you already have in you to cross all bridges, swim large oceans and also fly over the highest mountains. The program reveals how you can overcome common obstacles, put your plans into practice, and start to make your creative dreams a reality.

Well, for many individuals, self-doubt, low energy, fear of failure, lack of skills or experience, the seeming unavailability of resources, etc act as hindrances in pursuing their goals. Chasing dreams has certain challenges and obstacles that are faced by the majority of us. At RSA, you will learn how to turn your challenges into opportunities for growth. We equip you with the right skills that will enable you to meet every challenge with confidence.



Learning Service

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GETSET Career Program for Professional Graduate Students:

This program is empowering the students in building the abilities to face career challenges successfully. The program covers elements from public speaking to developing creativity, project management, team management and proper preparation for interviews. This program is applicable for students about to graduate or have already graduated and looking for a good job. Course is 4 months, 1 hr interaction daily with at least 11 mentor interactions and 15 group discussions.



English Communication only for all:

This program has been tested across India and provides definite improvement in speaking in English. This brings in confidence to speak in front of any people, and improves vocabulary. Duration is 100 days, 15 min daily sessions and 10 teacher interactions.



ReadtoMe for School Students:

This program reads out the English course content for classes 1st to 12th of CBSE Schools with NCERT Books. More details on the page inside.



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What is Life Transformation Program

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We believe that each of us has immense potential that we can bring out with our own efforts and motivation, but with a bit of guidance on the direction and approach that we need to take.

Elevate your Skills with our premier Life Transformation Program

Life Transformation Program (LTP) is all about life skills training that will enable you to make responsible and informed choices. Developing positive self-concept and healthy relationships with others, both on personal and professional level, will help you grow into well-functioning human beings. You will feel empowered to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of everyday life.

For instance, by improving your knowledge of the English language and pronunciation, it will give you confidence while speaking in public and expressing yourself. Developing problem solving skills will help you in identifying the problem you need to solve and in thinking through the ways you could tackle it. This will, in turn, promote decision-making quality.

First Step Towards Success
Big changes can be intimidating when you attempt those alone. From the moment you step into our program, RuralShores Skills Academy is there with you. The program works on breaking your shyness, encourages development of essential skills and knowledge, aided with the right learning environment and support, so that transformation is ensured.

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Watch this brief video to understand why you need LTP

RSA’s Life Transformation Program offers the path of transformative development through commitment and tenacity to overcome both professional and personal challenges.

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How does this Program benefit you?
  • It helps you to develop self-confidence and successfully deal with significant life changes and challenges, such as bullying and discrimination
  • It gives you a voice in the community and in society at large
  • It enables you to make a positive contribution by developing the expertise you need and understand your responsibilities, while preparing for the challenges and opportunities of adulthood and working life

Background to RSA’s Life Transformation Program 

RuralShores Skills Academy (RSA) works at the community level to boost employability opportunities and better futures for the rural youth of India. We design vocational and educational programs for all to foster professionalism and empowerment. All youth have potential but many either do not believe this or feel challenged that they need support or the right opportunity. With a vision of transforming high-potential rural youth into skilled and employable people, RSA’s training initiatives not only provide recognition for the skill and attitude, but create respectable remuneration, career growth and healthy competition among them.

It is important to engage the rural youth in a productive way in tandem with their aspirations by providing them credible opportunities for growth and well-being. There has been consistent demand for a more skilled workforce by firms and industries in our country. Therefore, it is important to meet the challenges and prepare rural youth with the proper education and skills they need. The outcome of such training and development exercise will make them financially self-sustaining and will also trigger a positive cycle of rural youth empowerment in their community over time.

Placement Support

RuralShores Skills Academy is NSDC Skill Development Partner with a clear focus on serving companies and training organizations by ensuring youth are appropriately trained for jobs that they are really looking for. Upon successful completion of this program, the individuals will earn a qualifying certificate, approved by NSDC (National Skill Development Corporation), which will help them in gaining company placement and recognition.