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Life Skills Development

Priority on life skills such as critical and creative thinking, decision-making, effective communication, as well as skills for developing healthy relationships and a positive self-concept

Competency-Development Training

Training on functional competencies (needed for society-based interactions), personal competencies (self-development, verbalizing thoughts, having clear direction), and business competencies (communication skills, goal setting, problem-solving) which include set of knowledge, skills, behaviours, attitudes, and characteristics that lead to producing distinguishing results.

Domain Training

Reskilling and upskilling of educated rural and semi-urban youth to make them industry-ready for FMCG, Telecom, Banking, Insurance, and Automobile domains and many other service sectors.

Collaborative Learning

Our online trainings facilitate students to network, collaborate and learn together with their batchmates through group chats and real-time video interactions. We assign a mentor to each student who joins us. They talk at least once a week. Detailed sessions as needed are also possible.

Unique Assessment Methods

Method of measuring skills acquisition in students in a regular manner, rather than final assessments only, with clearly defined checks for all students. We ensure that the evaluation and ‘assessments’ cover practical skills and attitude tested through doing in addition to the knowledge related to the area.

Human Support

All human beings, especially rural youth in India, prefer human touch to support any technological interaction for learning. We do have trainers who can reach out to support assigned work people and students across India. RSA has developed a unique method of leveraging technology supported with human teachers and mentors.

Placement Support

Besides training, we support students with dedicated mentorship and intensive career support. We bring forth suitable employment opportunities in Service sectors like BPO, Finance, Retail, and Hospitality, based on their learned skills.

Certification & Industry Recognition

We are NSDC Skill Development Partner. We conduct courses based on Sector Skill Council (SSC) with relevant industry certification in addition to the RSA certificates.